I am excited to announce the formation of Blevins Financial.

Our firm is devoted to providing value to you through the combination of tax-favored financial strategies and strong business and personal planning. We are a boutique firm with a narrow focus, high expertise approach to tax-favored strategy design and implementation.

We work with your existing advisors (CPA, legal, investment, etc.) to develop comprehensive strategies to serve your desired outcomes.

We serve owners of closely-held businesses and high net worth individuals in:

  • Business Succession Planning.   Blevins Financial will focus on becoming a leader in the Puget Sound region in developing the most comprehensive, tax-favored succession strategies for internal/key management buyouts, 3rd party buyouts, and transfer/sale to heirs. "Creating more wealth and less risk through tax-efficient strategies."
  • Business Protection Strategies.   Helping business owners protect their value through Employee Retention Strategies, Executive Compensation Programs, creative funding of Buy/Sell Programs and Key Person Protection Strategies.
  • Tax-favored Retirement Structures.   Maximizing your future wealth by working with you and your advisors to structure methodologies to reduce current income taxes and minimize or eliminate taxation on investment growth.
  • Estate Planning.   Leading you through the multiple stages of Estate Planning with a strong emphasis on minimizing the impact of estate taxes/limiting estate depletion through advanced gifting, transfer, and liquidity strategies.
  • Personal Planning.   Developing security for you by providing individual income replacement programs and creditor protection strategies.

Contact Information:

Chad Blevins

Blevins Financial, LLC

23155 NE 15th Ct., Sammamish, WA 98074

Ph: 425-837-5419   Fax: 425-484-4004

Email: Chad@BlevinsFinancial.com


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